Country Place HOA sign

Annual Dues: what do they pay for?

Annual dues are an important and necessary part of living together in a desirable community. To maintain the appearance of our community (as well as property values), annual homeowner dues cover:

  • common area maintenance
  • trimming and mowing grass in common areas
  • tree trimming, mulching, and removal in common areas
  • community sign maintenance and electricity
  • traffic island repairs, mulching, and maintenance
  • attorney fees
  • state filing fees
  • newsletter costs
  • annual dues notices
  • postage for mailings to members
  • P.O. Box
  • annual domain registration and hosting
  • etc.

Country Place HOA dues are $200/year

Effective January 2023, Country Place HOA dues are $200/year. Dues notices are mailed each January, and discounts have been given in the past for homeowners who attend the annual meeting when a quorum is present (subject to discretion of the board). Legal action will follow for homeowners who do not pay their dues. If you owe dues, please submit them asap or contact the HOA president via our Contact Form.